Valuation Services

Pinpointing Value

Charter offers market valuations to clients across all industries. With more than 30 years of experience assisting companies through buy-side and sell-side transactions, Charter is an industry expert in market valuations. The foundation of a business valuation centers on how well a company can generate returns from invested capital. It also takes an understanding of how value has been created historically, and how it will continue to be created on an ongoing basis.

The specific industry approved valuation methods that Charter utilizes when creating each company valuation include:

  1. Discounted cash flow

  2. Leveraged buy-out

  3. Precedent industry transactions

  4. Comparable public companies

  5. Earnings multiple

  6. Asset value

The process of generating returns looks different for every company and can vary depending on company specifics such as the industry the company is in and the company’s position in its life cycle. Understanding these key value building blocks, along with active experience in the M&A market, is a key piece of our extensive valuation practice.


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