Private Capital Investing

Achieving New Heights

Charter Private Capital Management (CPCM) is a Registered Investment Adviser, professionally managing venture capital and other privately invested funds. We apply our expertise to invest in companies; to develop venture capital and private equity funds with specific mandates; to launch and manage funds on behalf of other firms; as well as portfolio assessment services to analyze portfolio companies held by family offices and institutions. In addition, Charter invests directly into companies through the use of Special Purpose Entities (SPEs). CPCM currently manages $78 million via four funds and 14 SPEs.

Charter Family of Funds

The Charter Family of Funds includes the $40 million Charter Growth Capital Fund, $15.1 million Michigan Accelerator Fund 1, and $5 million MAF Opportunity Fund, as well as a bespoke fund developed for Henrickson Nauta Wealth Advisors. Learn More About Charter Family of Funds

Portfolio Companies

Our portfolio encompasses 15 active companies and 8 exited companies, which we’ve invested in through Charter Growth Capital Fund, Michigan Accelerator Fund 1, MAF Opportunity Fund, Henrickson Nauta Venture Fund 1, and multiple SPEs. Learn More About Portfolio Companies

Fund Advisory

The Charter team provides fund launch and wind-down advisory services and helps Registered Investment Advisers develop bespoke self-branded funds designed to meet specific criteria and achieve goals for their investors that they couldn’t achieve on their own. Learn More About Fund Advisory

Private Capital Investing team: John Kerschen, Hector Bultynck, Mike Palm, and AJ Ebels
Private Capital Investing team: John Kerschen, Hector Bultynck, Mike Palm, and AJ Ebels


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