Mergers and Acquisitions

Business Sale

Charter clients who are contemplating a business sale want to make the most of their ownership investments. We help them identify strategic alternatives to maximize transition value.

Goals and aspirations for a business sale vary widely depending on type of ownership -- whether corporation, second or third generation family-owned business, PE fund, or other position. Our clients' goals can range widely, from optimizing sale value to ensuring a smooth transition to the next generation. Charter's sell-side M&A advisory approach is customized to meet the unique requirements of each of these varying situations.

The process we use to take a business to market is disciplined, complex, and customized to each situation. Because we manage the process start to finish, our clients are free to concentrate on business operations, and continuing to build value. The end result is the closing of the transaction, and a successful business sale.


Our clients acquire companies for many reasons -- whether they want to build a portfolio, expand into new markets or geography, or achieve growth goals. Through our capital management work, Charter is a recurring buyer and investor in private companies ourselves, so we have a first-hand perspective on the needs of owners and firms interested in pursuing an acquisition strategy. We know what’s happening in the mergers and acquisitions market, and will offer insight into potential targets utilizing a variety of exclusive research methods.

As interested sellers are identified, our team will analyze the target’s financials, prepare valuations, and arrange for site visits. Once we've found the ideal match, we’ll structure a deal that optimizes your position and see the process through to a successful closing. 

For some clients, we repeat this process multiple times per year, with one or more targets simultaneously in process at different transaction phases. We deftly manage the process so that owners are involved both as much and as little as needed. We shoulder the burden of the transaction details, so our clients can stay focused on their existing operations.