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The Charter team shares their insights on quarterly M&A trends in targeted industries and takes readers on a deep dive into a variety of specific investment banking topics.

Technology and digital Services

Technology and Digital Services M&A Update – Q4 2021

M&A activity in the technology and digital services space has soared following the onset of the pandemic as technology firms have garnered significant attention from both private equity acquirers with large reserves of dry powder as well as global strategic acquirers. As we had anticipated, deal levels in our three key verticals caught a second wind in Q4, with another record setting quarter in each vertical. Our three verticals include: technology and support services,  integration services, and IT outsourcing.

M&A Industrial Services Industry Update – Q4 2021

The number of industrial services transactions in a quarter rose to a new highwater mark in Q4 2021, with 69 transactions. The increase in transaction count was driven primarily by add-on acquisitions, with 43 acquisitions from private equity-backed buyers. We also observed a rise in M&A activity within the security, specialized equipment maintenance, and janitorial subsegments.

Human Capital Industry Update Q4 2021

Human Capital Industry Update – Q4 2021

The fourth quarter of 2021 closed out what was an exceptionally strong year for human capital M&A activity. After deal activity plummeted by ~50% as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, activity has recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

Mezzanine Financing for Entrepreneurs

Mezzanine financing can allow entrepreneurs to unlock doors to substantial growth for their business. It also offers a patient outlook on financial performance and flexibility to craft an appropriate investment structure to fit the financing needs of the company and goals of the entrepreneur.

Charter Capital Partners 2021 Recap

2021 was a record year in the M&A industry, with both the number of deals and deal value up
significantly from the previous year. The industry as a whole experienced significant tailwinds,
as well as Charter specifically. Our team was grateful for the opportunity to help our clients take advantage of the robust environment.

M&A Sell-Side Process Explained

In our January edition of M&A Insights, Justin Pinto provides an in-depth look into the intricacies of successful sell-side transactions in the middle market.

Technology and Digital Services Industry Update – Q3 2021

While the long-tail echo of the pandemic has adversely affected many industries, large incumbents have competed with record levels of private equity dry powder to acquire smaller but promising IT services businesses. Although M&A activity seems as though it has reached a peak, we believe there is still room for deal counts and multiples to escalate as we look towards 2022.

Middle Market Private Equity M&A Trends – Q3 2021

Middle market private equity M&A continued at a record pace in Q3, notching more than 2,000 deals with an aggregate value of $297 billion. With more than 6,000 deals completed YTD this officially marks an all-time high.

Automatic Identification and Data Capture Industry Update – Q3 2021

The AIDC Industry had a strong Q3, with private equity interest remaining high. At its current growth rate the industry is expected to surpass $103 billion in market value by 2027.

Industrial Services Industry Update – Q3 2021

The 200 industrial services transactions completed YTD represent a 40% increase over YTD 2020, with add-on acquisitions accounting for more than half the M&A activity in the space this year.

Human Capital Industry Update Q2 2021

Human Capital Industry Update – Q2 2021

Through the first half of 2021, the human capital industry has seen nearly as many deals completed as it did in all of 2020, with transaction activity picking up enough that it is likely to return to the lofty levels set from 2017 through 2019.

Contract Furniture Industry Update September 2021

Contract Furniture Industry Update

In our September edition of M&A Insights, Charter’s furniture industry practice team leader Elisa Berger provides an update on contract furniture M&A trends. While manufacturers and distributors have struggled with the impact of the pandemic on the industry, reported EBITDA multiples represent a five-year high.


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