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Cultivating Growth

Charter Growth Capital Fund

Charter Growth Capital Fund (CGCF) is a standalone $40 million fund that invests junior capital in lower middle market companies in the Great Lakes region to support growth or succession. We deliver funding to help businesses achieve their goals and the professional guidance to back it up. The CGCF portfolio currently encompasses seven active portfolio companies.

  • Great Lakes Focus: CGCF focuses on investments in the Great Lakes region. Our investment team is highly experienced in helping companies in the region to achieve their goals.
  • Fulfilling an Unmet Need: We invest $1 million to $5 million to support growth, succession, or recapitalization, focusing primarily on business services, distribution, healthcare, industrial services, and manufacturing companies.
  • Flexible Capital Offering: Our flexible combination of debt and equity is customized to meet each of our portfolio company’s unique needs.

Visit to learn more about the Fund, our active portfolio companies, and investment criteria for potential additions to our portfolio.

Michigan Accelerator Fund I

Michigan Accelerator Fund I (MAF-1) is a $15.1 million venture capital fund that invests in high growth, early-stage Michigan-based companies. We offer our portfolio companies guidance in governance, while leveraging the strong business development expertise of our team members to help optimize each company’s value in preparation for exit. The Fund originally consisted of 10 portfolio companies of which six have exited and four remain active.

MAF Opportunity Fund

MAF Opportunity Fund (MAF-OF) is a $5 million fund that was established to continue to leverage investments made by Michigan Accelerator Fund I. MAF-OF has invested into those premier companies within the portfolio that have shown the strongest value growth on their way to exits. These new investments will allow MAF to maintain a position of influence within the companies, while supporting their additional capital needs beyond MAF’s capital reserves. MAF-OF originally consisted of five portfolio companies of which two have exited and three remain active.


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