Charter Family of Funds



The Charter Growth Capital Fund is a targeted $100 million fund that invests junior capital in lower middle market companies in the Great Lakes region to support growth or succession. The fund helps companies that meet target criteria to achieve financial goals and provides the professional guidance to back it up. A flexible combination of debt and equity is customized to meet each company’s unique needs. The fund utilizes a rigorous vetting process for investment selection, targeting companies with a positive track record, established management team, proven business model and scale, and defendable market position with strong customer value proposition.


Charter 2020 Opportunity Fund is a targeted $20 million fund that invests into later-stage companies (Series C, D) that are demonstrably de-risked. Portfolio companies must have crossed value-creating thresholds such as revenue traction, regulatory approval, and strategic partnerships, while having a clear line of vision to exit. The Fund has a preference for life sciences, technology and services companies located in the Great Lakes region. The fund is currently on track to launch in 2020.


MAF Opportunity Fund (MAF-OF) is a $5 million fund that was established to continue to leverage investments made by Michigan Accelerator Fund I. MAF-OF has invested into those premier companies within the portfolio that have shown the strongest value growth on their way to exits. These new investments will allow MAF to maintain a position of influence within the companies, while supporting their additional capital needs beyond MAF’s capital reserves.

Michigan Accelerator Fund I (MAF-1) is a $15.1 million venture capital fund that invests in Michigan-based companies. Our MAF-1 team targets high-growth companies in which to invest. We then monitor and report on portfolio company performance to investors. We help portfolio companies develop value by offering guidance in governance and leveraging the strong business development expertise of our team members. The Fund currently supports 7 active portfolio companies (10 companies with 3 exits).