Capital roundtable: Business owners can pick from many options for growth capital, M&A

Credit and capital remain readily available for companies seeking to make an acquisition or pursuing investors in 2015. That’s according to a panel of advisers MiBiz spoke with about the outlook for financing deals in the new year. Participating in the roundtable conversation on capital and M&A were four West Michigan professionals, including John Kerschen, Managing Director, Charter Capital Partners.

According to Kerschen, “From the M&A side, we see a high level of activity and a high level of valuation. Those high valuations are pulling the sellers in, and as the sellers have had a little more time in recovering their operating results, they’re coming into those M&A transactions with more confidence, better numbers, better results and a favorable environment. We don’t see a real end in the near term to the capital availability.” Read more at MiBiz

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