MVCA Venture Fellow Linda Chamberlain sees possibility in every deal

When Linda Chamberlain, Director, Charter Capital Partners, became a MVCA Venture Fellow at Grand Rapid’s Michigan Accelerator Fund I in 2012, she assumed her previous experiences leading corporate innovation business units, a high tech start-up, a life sciences incubator and a university center for entrepreneurship made her experienced enough to remain objective, even skeptical, of investment opportunities. As she nears the end of her Fellowship period two years later, Chamberlain has found that wasn’t always the case. “The process of venture investing offers the honor of sharing in the big vision of the entrepreneur, as well as the practical roadmap on how they are going to make it happen,” she remarks. “It affords- at least at that first pitch!- the time to refrain from applying objective filters, applaud the dream, and for me, exercise my inner technology geek and get excited about the commercial possibilities!” Read more at Michigan Venture Capital Association

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