Portfolio Assessment Services for Family Offices and Institutions

Our comprehensive portfolio assessment provides family offices and institutions with a detailed analysis of a portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses, and an action plan to optimize performance. Our findings help clients understand what they have, how it fits into an ongoing allocation strategy, and how to maximize the value of a portfolio.


Applying our expertise, we sift through data to provide a holistic portfolio report, including:

  • Complete review of all companies within the portfolio

  • Financial review, including historical performance and forward-looking projections

  • Detailed document review and analysis of all governance and board actions

  • In-depth analysis of previous financings

  • Capitalization table reconstruction

  • Interviews with management, board, clients, partners

  • Industry analysis and trends

  • Estimated fair value assessment

  • Recommendations for optimization

As experienced investors, we know how to diligence a company to separate fact from fiction. As a Registered Investment Adviser as well as direct and venture investor, Charter has invested and placed more than $200 million across 14 funds. We’ve applied our regimented analytical process to assess more than 1,500 companies in the past 7 years.