An "economic bright spot" helps business owners shine


The Charter Group is proud to have been recognized as a recipient of the2013 "Economic Bright Spots" award by Corp! magazine. The annual award honors companies that have grown significantly over the past year, and are a driving force in Michigan's economy and innovation. 

Helping business owners shine

The Charter Group has become an economic bright spot by supporting hundreds of business owners in Michigan, Indiana and throughout the Midwest in their quest to succeed. With our guidance, businesses have been able to expand via acquisition, raise capital to support growth, develop exit planning strategies to make their companies increasingly valuable, and maximize value in the sale of a business.

Buy, grow, or sell? It's all about the timing

During the recent economic downturn, many business owners found themselves with decreased revenues and profits, and were in no financial shape to sell for a positive return on investment. During this time, we focused on providing well-funded businesses with opportunities to expand into new markets or geographies. In the process, we established a system of partnering with clients to help them grow through ongoing, planned acquisitions.

As the economy continues to improve, business owners are now well positioned to achieve positive outcomes by utilizing our sell-side M&A, capital raise, business valuation and exit planning advisory services, as well.

Licensure key to protection

Many business owners may not realize that working with a securities licensed advisor is not a "should have" but a "must have," no matter which kind of sale transaction you are considering. If you're considering engaging an M&A advisor, make sure to ask about licensure.

The Charter Group has attained key securities registrations with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), including the Series 7, 62, 63, 65, 79 and 82 licensures. These licensures reflect our commitment to providing high quality and professional M&A advisory services. The designations demonstrate our commitment to our clients in terms of reporting responsibilities and regulatory compliance.

What does the future hold for your business?

From an M&A perspective, the biggest challenge for business owners in the next year might come in the form of tax and regulatory changes. When a business owner is ready to pursue a business sale or acquisition, unforeseen changes can become a big obstacle to a successful transition.

To adapt for this, The Charter Group has proactively enhanced our exit planning tools and succession planning capabilities, so that our clients are prepared for whatever the changing environment and market presents. By leveraging our expertise along with these methods, our clients can anticipate and prepare for potential changes when the time comes for a business transition.

Whether you're ready to buy, grow, or sell your business, The Charter Group will skillfully guide you to what's next.