Capital Management

Charter Private Capital Management is a Registered Investment Adviser. We professionally manage venture capital and other private investment funds with capital efficiency. Charter Private Capital Management currently manages six funds under its RIA.


Most venture funds are managed on the typical 2/20 fee structure. However, under this arrangement, smaller funds simply cannot afford to staff an entire management organization (and pay overhead). Our clients can leverage our existing infrastructure and receive a fully staffed firm for far less than it would cost to create from scratch.


The life blood of any investment group is uncovering sound investment opportunities. Through our position as a fund manager, personal relationships, board and community representation, and through our various outreach programs, we view nearly 300 investment opportunities per year. We are co-investors with more than 12 venture funds, family offices, and hundreds of investors from around the country. If your organization is looking to find and invest in promising deals, it starts with access – Charter can provide this to you.

Highlighted Fund

Michigan Accelerator Fund I is a $15.1 million venture capital fund that invests in Michigan-based companies. Our MAF-1 team targets high-growth companies in which to invest. We then monitor and report on portfolio company performance to investors. We help portfolio companies develop value by offering guidance in governance and leveraging the strong business development expertise of our team members. 

The Fund currently supports 8 active portfolio companies (10 companies with 2 exits). In the goal of raising funds to support these exciting new companies, we have partnered with a dozen other venture capital firms, and our combined investment is more than $100 million -- a considerable impact on these companies and our economy.